Day: 14 May 2022

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Presentation Video –
Monitor Calibration for photographers

Presentation Video –
Why do Monitors Display Colours Differently

Bonus articles to clarify, in depth, what the presentation doesn’t cover

If you’re struggling to understand colour management for photographers, then you’re not alone. 
But while colour management can be a complex topic, this article will break everything down for you, including colour spaces, colour space conversions, sRGB vs Adobe RGB, and much more. 

Choosing what paper you want to print on simply comes down to glossy vs matte. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of each finish.

sRGB and Adobe RGB 1998 are the two most common workspaces used in digital photography. 
This article is aimed to help answer your questions and give you some tips on using these different colour modes and clarify the aspects of each of them, as well as provide guidance on their usage.

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And a final few words of advice about printing
from Rob Howarth – Professional Photographer

  • Calibrate the computer screen with a Spyder device to make sure colours are right, cost around £100.
  • The more variety of ink the better the print will be (9 inks) 3 inks is not enough.
  • Best format to print from is a TIF file, the best colour space to use is Adobe RGB 1988.
  • If you have a jpeg print it from that, don’t bother changing it.
  • If you shoot raw you can save it as a TIF file.
  • A 16 bit file is better than 8 bit file, although your computer may not be able to handle 16 bit.
  • Small prints you can just print out as it is, but prints of A3 and more, then the above applies.
  • Match the paper to the ink. i.e. If it is Epsom paper use Epsom ink.
  • Use ink recommended by printer.
  • Match paper to the printer
  • Epsom is the best, then Canon, then everyone else (personal professional point of view).

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